Deciding To Make Your Office Paperless

Sounds easy doesn't it? You just decide one day that you're going to make your office a paperless one, as if becoming paperless was as easy as just making a conscience decision to do so. If that was the case wouldn't everyone be paperless, from the work at home mom to the largest insurance company? I would hope so, but I doubt it, which is partly the reason why it may just be impossible to become truly paperless. In order to become totally paperless every individual or business that your company works with must become paperless as well. Is that likely to happen soon? It's not likely.

If you're waiting to go paperless when everyone else does you'll be waiting a long time. Do it now. Make a hard, determined decision to go paperless and begin the long but ultimately rewarding process of getting it done. That was what I finally did after a few months of debate with myself. I concentrated on the future benefits of becoming paperless instead of dwelling on the seemingly insurmountable task of physically getting it done. Did I know it was going to be a large undertaking? Of course, but having gotten about a quarter of the way through, I now know that it is very achievable and not as difficult as once thought.

I work in an office of three, which isn't very large compared to some, but we deal with a ton of paperwork and have a few more tons tucked away in filing cabinets that we are continuously having to add to or get information from. Working in the financial industry as our company does, we must maintain client files and any paperwork pertaining to that client for a number of years. Many times these files must be accessed for various reasons, one of which is an audit making certain that we do indeed have said files on hand. The amount of paperwork needed to open up various types of accounts in this industry is ridiculous, to the point that if the entire financial industry became paperless, I'm quite certain that it would cause shockwaves throughout the entire world, to the point that entire ecosystems may be affected for the good. That's sarcasm of course, but it's hard to deny how much useless paperwork is produced everyday in this country and the world .

Think of all the digital products out there that would easily facilitate the process of becoming paperless. Never before have we had so many cheap, easy, and productive machines to enable us to digitize essentially anything that before required a tangible piece of paper. I'm not trying to save the trees, reverse the supposed global warming trend, or put money into Al Gore's pocket, but I can't get over the fact of just how stupid it is to produce so much needless paperwork when so much of it could be digital.

Anyway, you probably understand my thinking at this point. I just wanted to go paperless to make our business more efficient and organized which would ultimately enable us to give our clients better service. And because I just thought it would be cool to be paperless. So realize the benefit it will provide you as an individual(home office) or a business and look past that mountain of paper and vow to become paperless.